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My juice comes from connecting and working with teams and individuals to solve problems and reach common goals. It is messy at times and even painful, however extremely rewarding for all. I have been through it, just like you.

Laid off • Lost clients • Disgruntled team members • Reorganizations 

Blurry lines of communication • Disconnection with leaders (Do they get me?)


Guess what? I'm still here!


How was I able to get through it all - Community and the strong desire for continuous growth.


My community consists of mentors, family members, peers, managers, subordinates, children, and a multitude of various interactions with individuals. The advice, counsel, and lending an "ear" have proven to be invaluable. 


I am a strong believer in continuous growth! Formal and informal education play a significant role in how you play the game called "Life." The game of life may be labeled as tips, tricks, hacks, frameworks, proven strategies, principles, theory, and common sense. I know it is valuable and must be consumed and tested to see what works for you.


Coming from an untraditional home environment, I see the world a slightly different and can empathize with people's struggles and points of view of many. This ability, coupled with community, and my thirst for wisdom, laid my foundation and structure. Which in turn, I have been able to work with some fantastic people in significant roles. My journey started from the humble beginnings of a fast-food worker and part-time housekeeper to leading large teams across multiple state lines and facilitating overseas. 


People, it is all about serving people and people reaching out, lending a helping hand along the way. I'm not a fancy degreed coach or super consultant. I'm just an average guy that has figured out what he is good at - HELPING PEOPLE. It has been a blessing to serve and support others on their path as I continue my journey.


So, I'm here to continue to serve through this community and help where I can. 


PS - I do have one flaw that I get from my grandfather. I tell it like it is. (LOL)


It all started in 2018 when Sam realized that people, in general, have not developed a plan for their career. Additionally, individuals often lack the primary soft skills that are strongly needed in the workplace to make a difference on the road to success. It was clear that people wanted more and had the technical know-how, but were lacking clarity on how to obtain their career aspirations. 

That's where the idea was born, Career Change Guru. We wanted to create a space where we could share stories, and lessons learned. Plus combine the on the job experiences of Sam, and the illustration skills of his younger brother, Jordan. You will see this come alive on our blog page, where we strive to inspire and assist in identifying the need for change in the workplace then share the best practices in support of the desired behavior change. 

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Jakera is a passionate creator who brings excellence to all of her work. She is a thought leader and Christian Influencer. She is motivated by helping people reach their goals with charm, grace, and grit! Jakera is a listener and a doer. She seeks to understand the best ways to get phenomenal, unmatched results. With a creative eye, Jakera works with her team to deliver not only the results clients want but the results they need.



Jordan is a Los Angeles based visual artist. Currently working in the field of education, he is always working to combine the worlds of art and learning to provide knowledge to future generations.

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